Knock knock…

I made a few drafts and I couldn’t go threw it for a while. Maybe cause I feel lil bit unsure about all this blogging. Or I’ve watched too many vblogs with all this candy girls. No, no! I don’t have anything to them! They are wonderful… Well you could say most of them could be on covers of top magazines. They making girls like me wish to be like them. With all this style, cosmetics, make up, shopping. I am really curious: where the hell they are taking all this money?!
Thats why i was unsure bout this blog. I could do that! Do same as them! Be on top of youtube, blogs and all of this things. But wait a minute… Yeah… I’m pretty poor.
But still… I will try to do that. To become candy girl and beat them up with my cooking, baking and housewifing stuff! (Oh, it’s not gonna be just about this)

I am 22 (in march 23) years old young lady, leaving in London and coming from Poland. Actually sitting home and becoming slowly housewife. Getting totally bored while looking for a job and getting in routine of cleaning, cooking, making laundry (i am doing it almost every day just to beat some time), baking, shopping for house and doing paper work of my boyfriend.

So…here i am. Sit comfortably cause i am gonna bored your ass every day!